For those who value order
in everything and relationships
with loved ones
For those who value order in everything and relationships with loved ones
You are the best advisor and friend, always ready to help those who ask for it. You like to feel useful and make other people's lives easier.

At times it is difficult for you to understand other people when they expect from you pretentious and intricate solutions, as well as originality, creativity, impersonal hard and tough decisions.

In their eyes, you can read the misunderstanding and the mute question: “Hey, what's wrong with you?"

You spend years trying to figure out what's going on, and you walk away from communicating with those who demand the impossible from you.

But you can choose the path of the Idealist. Truly your path.

Make the most out of
knowing your type
with ISFJ Defender's
Premium Products
Make the most out of
knowing your type
with ISFJ Defender's
Premium Products
You've already read a brief description of your personality type and caught yourself thinking, “Yes! It's all about me." With ISFJ Defender's Premium Access you'll explore yourself much deeper and see how new knowledge about yourself and others can help you solve problems in relationships, at work, and in life.

Relying on inner strength, you as an ISFJ Defender will:

Gain confidence in yourself and in the fact that there is nothing wrong with you, despite the claims of others. You will notice the strengths that you didn't see before and learn how to use them.

Be more aware of your lifestyle, work, and communication approach (“why I do things the way I do"). Be more likely to make good choices that won't lead to disappointment in the future.

Minimize conflicts and get rid of excessive expectations and complaints about loved ones. Better study the psychology of other types of people — their outlook on life, motives, and actions.

Understand what other types of people expect from you that didn't even occur to you. Learn what to do to get along better with people around you, and have them help you achieve your goals.

Learn to negotiate easier – you will see the strengths of other people, not their shortcomings.
All of this will lead to less stress in your life, acceptance of yourself (it turns out you're okay), and of the people around you (they're okay too, just a different type).

Understand the personality type of people around you, which will allow you to minimize conflicts, get rid of unnecessary expectations, and focus on the merits of each other.

Here's what you'll find in ISFJ Defender's Premium Access:
ISFJ Defender Practical Guide
This is a compact and thoroughly illustrated guide to your personality type. You'll get only carefully verified recommendations instead of long texts about your type.

It takes about 30-45 minutes to read, and you'll be able to apply the knowledge about your personality type in your life immediately. In addition to the Guide you get the ISFJ Workbook which you can use for further self-study.

With the help of the guide you will:
  • get to know your strengths better
  • get to know your partner with tips on how to strengthen your relationship
  • find out what kind of work you want, and how best to reach your potential — in the workplace or on a team
  • understand how you behave in a conflict, and what you shouldn't do
The practical guide will come in two versions, respectively for men and women.
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Enjoy the Real You Program for ISFJs
Enjoy the Real You is a hymn to your strengths as ISFJ Defender. It's the pleasure and joy of being you. Every day. In everything you do. Building on the best in yourself and using your strengths.

This is a monthly practice assignment and workbook to track your progress.

Enjoy the Real You is a program designed to strengthen the benefits of knowing your personality type and to maximize your potential.
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16 Personalities Course & All Guides
A practical course that will teach you how to read people like a book. Learn to understand and interact with all 16 personality types.

After studying this course, you will be able to:
  • "read" people like books
  • understand others and predict their behavior
  • accept relatives and yourself
  • resolve conflicts and difficult situations in relations with people
Knowledge of personality types will be the key to understanding the way of thinking and behavior of a business partner, client, employee, or loved one.
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